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  1. The Chris Paul Family of the Month Giveaway September !

  2. Family

    Do you know a family that could use a treat. Maybe Mum and Dad have achieved something they've been working on for a while. Perhaps one of the little ones have excelled in school or overcome a big challenge in life. It could even be you want to capture your family right now with the kids at that age before they shoot up!  

  3. Perhaps your partner has been super exceptional and pitched in extra if you've been busier at work. You can nominate both a friends family or your own family. Whoever you choose why not nominate them for family of the month and treat them to a professional family portrait session worth £300. Just fill out the form and opt in to the newsletter so we can let you know if you win and send you some 2nd chance prizes too.

  4. Terms and Conditions

    I'll need to take your details so that I can get in touch with you. If you don't win the main giveaway make sure you doing the newsletter and I'll be running an offer through that just click the opt in below.

     The winners will be announced at the end of the month and the session will take place in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.  Your details stay with me and do not get sent anywhere else.

     I do have offers from other local businesses that could be helpful for families as well as future giveaways and promotions. I'll email links maybe once a month at most. : ) 

    1.Fill out the form

    2. opt in to the newsletter

    3. Follow me on instagram and tag a  friend. 

    You can enter more than once, good luck ! 

  5. I'd like to send you information about special sales, upcoming events, and other opportunities we think you'll love.

  6. After You submit you'll be taken to the instagram. Don't forget to follow and tag a friend : )

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